Advocacy and Action for Arthritis

Arthritis Foundation event

Fifty-two million Americans suffer from the debilitating effects of arthritis. Of those, over 4 million live in Florida. In fact, arthritis and related rheumatic diseases are a leading cause of disability among US adults. This makes advancing the treatment and cure of arthritis critical to everyone. The Arthritis Foundation has spearheaded these advancements for almost 70 years through advocacy, activism and fundraising events.

One such Arthritis Foundation event is Orlando Juvenile Arthritis Day (JA Day), a special function hosted last weekend at the Orlando Science Center. We were honored to lead an art class at the event, especially because one of our stellar senior designers, Jennifer Graven, suffers from this disorder. We’re happy to announce that the art created at last week’s event will be featured at an upcoming show in our Appleton Awareness Gallery. In addition, we’re proudly sponsoring and participating in the upcoming Jingle Bell Run, an Arthritis Foundation 5K, where Jennifer will serve as an event honoree. Click here to join the Team Appleton at the Jingle Bell Run.

As a nonprofit organization, the Arthritis Foundation follows the motto “Champion of Success,” and with over $470 million in grants awarded to scientific research since 1948, we couldn’t agree more. We’re proud to support this organization in its endeavors to treat and eventually cure arthritis, and we’ve created several collateral pieces for the Arthritis Foundation event, including Faces of Arthritis, which aims to show the widespread impacts of this disease — affecting all ages, races and genders.

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