Adorable Animals in Ads

happy pug

Are you a dog person? What about a cat person? Or perhaps a lover of elephants? Regardless of your personal preference, we all love animals. And that is why those furry little cuddle muffins and majestic creatures in ads work every time. We simply can’t ignore their cute faces.

You may think the explanation is an obvious one, but did you know there is actual psychology behind it? We make an instant emotional connection with animals, and thereby connect that warm and fuzzy with the brand. Animals remind us of our own pets: who offer loving relationships and empathy to everyone, regardless of ethnicity or demographics. Animals are a great way to surround a brand with positivity and can also help take the emphasis off of pricing. Additionally, animals can be used to achieve a variety of results, impacting people in carefully crafted ways (cue humor, empathy, sadness, love or fright). A picture says a thousand words, and animals exemplify that better than anything.

Animals have stereotypes. too. Ever wonder why big brands chose the character they did? Bears have an uncanny ability to act nearly human and possess expression well in their faces, reference the Coca-Cola polar bear. Elephants illustrate dimensions and magnitude, or escape and adventure. Another frequently used animal, cats, symbolize luxury based on their lackadaisical day. Perhaps more rare or underutilized, fish usually stand for freedom and the future. Other classic examples of using animals in ads include the Geico gecko and Kia’s hamsters.

Our personal favorite, puppies, represent loyalty and friendship, pulling on everyone’s heartstrings. Think back to the Budweiser commercial featured in the Super Bowl. That puppy won the hearts of millions Super Bowl commercials with animals in them typically score higher than the non-animal ads. A study done on brand logo recognition concluded that people, all the way down to the age of three, recognize logos more when animals are in use, and recognition rates increase with age. The numbers don’t lie, animals come first.

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