A new iPad is coming, are you prepared?

Have you been tracking iPad activity?

The graph above tracks iPad visitors to one of our e-commerce websites from December 2010 to February 2011. Apple iPad use has exploded since the holidays; lots of people made the “nice” list, it seems!

A few more interesting stats, pulled from the websites Appleton Creative has designed and developed:

  • iPad usage is currently up to 4.5%
  • in many cases, there are more iPad visitors than those for iPhone!
  • iPad visitors, on average, stay longer on sites and read more pages — usually up to 11% more than the site’s average

    What does this mean to you?

    While currently small, iPad owners are a growing visitor group that spends more time on your website than the average user. This would indicate that they are more strongly invested in your brand and what your company has to offer.

    With a new iPad announcement on the horizon (March 2, mark your calendars), site owners and developers can expect to see this segment continue to grow. Plus, the Google OS is coming to the tablet world; consumers who have been holding out for a non-Apple tablet option may be turning to this new device.

    How can I appeal to iPad users?

    • Mobile-friendly is not iPad-friendly.
      Mobile phones have tiny screens. The iPad is nothing but screen. Look for a happy medium between mobile and desktop access.
    • Serve rich content with jQuery/HTML5.
      iPads can’t view Flash component, which can create embarrassing holes in your content. Make sure animations and video can actually be seen on the iPad.
    • Layout is more flexible than ever.
      iPad users can rotate their screen; does your site looks good in both portrait and landscape?
    • Fingers can get in the way.
      Links should be clearly visible and uncluttered to prevent mis-clicks.
    • It’s all about gestures, not the mouse.
      iPad users can’t hover over links. Make use of their unique repertoire of gestures: long-holds, swipes, and pinches.
    • Speed is still king.
      Wireless devices mean a return to lean downloads. Quick loading sites will reap longer visits with more page hits.
    • There’s an App for that.
      Do you have a special service or experience to offer your visitors? Maybe it’s time to think about offering them an App or App-like website.

It’s not too late!

Even though the new iPad announcement is less than a week away, it’s not too late to optimize your website for iPad users. Or begin developing a website catered just to them! Call us at 407-246-0092 or email us to discuss how your website can begin making the most of its new iPad traffic.

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