A Look at the Various iPad Skins and Cases Available for Users

For most people, buying an Apple iPad is a little like investing in a secret dream. They are seduced by its sharp, stylish, feature-filled design. Some thank the Apple gods for delivering the perfect multi-functional table PC that is elegantly suitable for their purposes, while others look dreamily upon the sleek exterior and flawless display knowing that their hearts are lost and no amount of sensible persuasion will dissuade them from acquiring their very own iPad. Now, once they finally own an iPad, the owners realize the depths of their attachment to the shiny new tablets and they become conscious of an almost paranoid protective urge.

Their perfect new iPads could get scratched, dented, smashed or broken with scary ease.  For all these conscientious owners and others who simply want their iPads snug and safe and easy to carry around, there are available in the market these wonderful accessories called iPad skins or cases.

They come in a variety of hard and soft shells, sometimes made of leather with soft suede linings and sometimes of rip-stop nylon. These cases are absolutely essential accessories for iPads. The well-fitting hard cases are impact resistant and protect the iPad from physical damage, while the protective films keep that beautiful crisp display scratch-free.

There are weather resistant cases, which might look slightly bulky but have some really cool advanced features, besides being water-proof, UV resistant and keeping the iPad dry and clean in the worst conditions. The binder cases work like leather folders, with the iPad sitting comfortably inside one sleeve. A simple loop and a flap or a Velcro strap usually closes the case like a book or a diary. They are stylish and very suitable for office executives.

For lesser mortals there are carry cases or courier cases, both available in a variety of splendid colors. Carry cases are neat zippered bags that look just a little more serious than purses. They have comfortable straps and handles that contribute to the ease of carrying the iPads, without fear of the bag slipping out of one’s hand. Courier cases come without the straps and fit tightly around the tablet. These pocket sleeves are well padded and once the iPad is zipped in, the case then can be dumped into a backpack without worry and is good to go.

Skin cases, those light and flexible protective shells, which allow charging and synchronizing of iPads while still in their cases, are extremely popular amongst the iPad holders. They fit like a second skin, are tear resistant and are usually seen in funky, bright colors. They are also available in more sober hues.

The standing cases do exactly as their name suggests and prop up the iPads for movie or TV show viewing. These cases are very cleverly made; they protect the tablet in the form of a closed case and then separate the two sides to flip into a stand. They are perfect for owners who use the iPad mostly for visual entertainment.

Grip cases are very like skin cases, but also allow users to hold their iPads safely by augmenting the edges into wings that can be firmly grasped or frames that make it easy for owners to grip them securely in any position. Their designs are ideal for classrooms and households with active, curious children.

Every individual iPad owner has individual requirements that the iPad case makers have tried to address in their designs. The market is flooded with options, so that the cautious new owners only have to look for what they want and most definitely they will find it.

For those who would like more than a few of the above uses compressed into a single case, there is the new 5-in-1 iPad case, which should certainly be looked into.

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