A Healthy Dose of Marketing for Omega Medical Imaging

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Implementing cutting-edge and revolutionary X-ray imaging technologies, Omega Medical Imaging is in the business of providing world-class medical equipment at an affordable price. As its social media marketing agency, we determined that Omega’s efficient and cost-effective product solutions to be its key point of differentiation.

With a range of dynamic fluoroscopic systems, Omega helps clinicians and hospitals detect abnormal heartbeats, examine organs and the circulatory system, monitor digestive tracts and more, all without the risk of invasive procedures. In addition to providing the latest in high-quality imaging systems, Omega Medical Imaging delivers critical parts, refurbished machines and upgraded equipment solutions to meet every medical need.

Working with our client, we determined the top objectives to be:

  • Increasing the target audience’s awareness of Omega’s EP Fluoro Systems
  • Inciting audiences to convert to Omega’s offerings

To achieve these objectives, our social media marketing agency developed a campaign for Omega’s EP Fluoro Systems, focusing our primary efforts on the professional social networking platform, LinkedIn.

Because Omega was open to using humor to express the extreme and unnecessary cost of other fluoroscopic systems, our design team created striking graphics which juxtapose extravagance and ordinariness to catch the consumers’ eye. The absurdity of the images, including a mega yacht docked in a neighborhood retention pond, a supersized school bus complete with flame graphics and gigantic tires and a funky man whose best friend is a cheetah grab viewers’ attention and spark their curiosity.

ad example from a social media marketing agency

Applying our insight as a social media marketing agency, this campaign targets niche audiences that offer the best return-on-investment for Omega Medical Imaging. Omega is seeing rising website visits and amplified awareness of its EP Fluoro Systems on a national scale.

In conjunction with Omega’s social media marketing campaign, we also created the name, logo and tagline for one of Omega’s newest medical devices launching later this year.

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