A Complete Rebrand for the World’s Most Comprehensive Rebar Software

If you’re a business owner or someone who works for a marketing team, then you know that having a strong brand identity is crucial to securing a positive first impression with your target audience. But what is it exactly that makes a great brand “great” anyway?

That’s a question that we’ve been helping our clients solve for more than three decades at Appleton Creative, a full-service branding agency in Orlando, Florida. Great branding starts from the ground up by cultivating a unique, genuine, and cohesive voice and image for your brand.

When Soulé Software, a rebar project management software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, approached Appleton in need of website enhancement and branding services, our team knew the best way to attain success would come from applying a custom-fit process based on the company’s unique goals.

Simplifying Rebar Since 1985

In order to reinforce the power and scale of the world’s most comprehensive project management software for rebar fabricators and placers, our team knew that capitalizing on the brand’s longevity and industry experience in the rebar world would speak volumes for the benefits that its software provides to its customers.

Defining the proper brand messaging for a company starts by organizing these key components of the brand voice :

  • The Elevator Speech 
    • This is the 30-second (or less) version of who your brand is and what it provides, often used to answer the question, “What do you do?”
  • The Key Differentiators 
    • These are the unique and powerful statements, usually three main focus points, that distinguish your brand from your competitors and help it to appeal to your audience.
  • The Company History 
    • To know where you can take them, your audience has to know where you’ve been.
  • The Unique Selling Proposition 
    • This is a concise, single-minded statement that describes the number one aspect of your brand that makes it different from all the others out there.
  • The Brand Tagline
    • Not to be confused with a slogan (which is specific to an advertising campaign), a tagline is the evergreen statement locked-up to the brand name (ex. Nike’s “Just Do It” or Apple’s “Think Different”).

By focusing on organizing and customizing copy that was true to the Soulé Software brand, our team was able to provide original creative executions for all of these aspects of the brand voice. In addition to the brand messaging, we also used our team of highly experienced graphic designers to organize a new brand guide for Soulé Software, laying out specifics such as logo rules and usage, brand color palettes and elements, and fonts.

soule software brand guide cover

Tailoring the Message to the Target Audience

With the brand’s visual identity and voice locked in, it was time to craft a communications piece to break down the key aspects of the world’s most comprehensive rebar project management software. Our team worked with Soulé Software to write, design and print a custom, 12-page brochure, providing an overview of the company and its products, including its 22 unique project management modules.

A key component of developing this brochure in a manner that would effectively communicate the depth of Soulé Software’s product offerings entailed that our team concisely designed an overview of their product modules in an easy-to-understand and aesthetically pleasing manner.

In the image below, the design communicates the full lifecycle of the product offerings from Soulé Software, including all aspects of estimating and sales, job production, specialty modules, and finance, tracking and reporting.

Soulé Software Product Module Overview Chart

Upon completion of the brochure, our team helped Soulé Software prepare a signature line of printed editions to help them plan for their annual attendance at the World of Concrete tradeshow.

Online and In-person Solutions for a Stronger Brand Presence

With a newly refined brand in hand and a brochure to communicate its key benefits,  Soulé Software and Appleton knew it was time to double down on its rebranding process in order to prep for the World of Concrete tradeshow.

To optimize its online presence, our team performed detailed audits of the previous website’s SEO rankings, user experience and user interface. After a thorough review, we knew the best steps would require the buildout of a new site architecture and interface. Check out the video below for more details on the upgrades to the website.

Click Below to Watch the Soulé Software Website Overview Video

Ladies and Gentlemen, May We Present: The Brand Finale

What good would a new brand identity, new brochure and new website be if your company didn’t get a chance to show those assets off? As part of the final touches of the rebranding process for Soulé Software, our team helped to craft a cohesive, one-of-a-kind design for the tradeshow booth the brand used at the World of Concrete conference.

Soulé Software showcase booth 

Our team incorporated intricate design patterns seen throughout other aspects of the brand’s new material, which pay homage to the unification of software and rebar project management that Soulé Software provides.

To take it a step further, our in-house video department produced, filmed and edited a series of company overview videos to introduce the target audience to Soulé Software and also to provide an intricate look at the software’s rebar placement modules. These videos were shown in real-time at the World of Concrete conference on monitors incorporated into the booth design. Check out the series of videos below.

Click Below to Watch the Soulé Software Company Overview Video

Click Below to Watch the Soulé Software “Placing Modules” Video

Have you discovered that you’re ready for a brand refresh? Appleton is an award-winning, full-service advertising agency in Orlando, Florida that specializes in delivering a strong, unified visual and verbal presence through branding and messaging. Appleton works with local, national and international clients to build a strong and cohesive brand that standardizes any company’s look and communications across print, web, social media and video. Your branding goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or info@appletoncreative.com.

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