7 Surprising Uses for Pinterest

As a virtual pin board, social networking site Pinterest has helped users organize and share miscellaneous ideas and items they find online. Many common uses include wedding planning, home décor, recipes, and do-it-yourself guides. However, there are many surprising and productive uses the public is unaware of. Here are board ideas you can incorporate into your business or corporate world.

1. Customer Success Board – Showcase your products or services success through your customers. Let them have a voice and promote you, while sharing their achievements.

2. Contest Board – Use contests to motivate your followers to act. Sweepstakes and submission contests create interaction between potential customers and you.

3. Employee Board – Inform your audience of the driven team behind your brand. You can also highlight why your employees enjoy working for your company and what skills each person brings to the table. Our board “Appletonians in Action” incorporates videos and images from parties, team building, and presentations.

4. Testimonials Board – Share any and all positive feedback that your company is receiving. Real world individuals can appeal to your audience’s emotions, creating great potential business relationships.

5. Industry Quotes Board – Motivate your employees and audience with inspirational quotes about the industry. Use leaders and pioneers in the field to set an example of great work and determination.

6. Milestone Boards – Let your audiences know of any anniversaries, accomplishments, groundbreakings, or other memorable events. Celebrate your company’s success, progress, and growth.

7. Humanized News Board – Report on a range of industry news topics both fun and serious. Use photographs to simplify and explain any happenings in your field. Make the news understandable.

Our team at Appleton has created Pinterest boards that are both fun and informational. Through our videos, funny advertisements, websites, inspiration, or print/environmental branding boards, we share our company culture and our skills.

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