7 Snackable Content Ideas to Support Your Content Marketing


If “content is king,” snackable content elements are court jesters that keep the party moving. Snackable content involves any content element that can be produced fast and consumed by audiences even faster.

Goals of any snackable content item include:

  • Sharable
  • Attention-grabbing
  • Easy to understand
  • Fun

Long-form content like e-books and how-to articles certainly serve a purpose in a larger content strategy. But if you’re going for engaging content or ways to boost your social media following organically, snackable content is your best bet for success.

Here are seven snackable content ideas you can add to spruce up your content marketing strategy:

Instagram story templates

If you’re not using Instagram stories — even to repost the latest content from your feed — you’re missing the opportunity to engage with your audience. One of the best ways to get started with compelling Instagram stories is by using fun templates. Recently, Would You Rather games, Bingo boards, and Choose Your Favorite-style polls have sprung up in popularity. This one by Turner Classic Movies encourages sharing among friends while maintaining a branded theme:

Quote designs

People like buying from other people, not large corporations or faceless businesses. One of the easiest ways to bring a trusted voice to your brand is by transforming your favorite quotes into interesting designs. Take a great industry quote to the next level with designs that reflect your brand standards.

Better yet: use your own leadership’s quotes and advice as content for the quote! For further shareability, be sure to hashtag appropriately. Hashtags like #MotivationMonday, #ThoughtfulThursday and #WednesdayWisdom often trend weekly across multiple platforms.

IGTV snippets

Video content remains one of the most popular media formats to consume, and video elements can provide critical support to your overall content marketing. But over the last few years, marketers have seen an interesting shift: rather than consumers demanding shorter content, they’ve started balancing a diet of shorter videos and longer videos.

Realizing that a growing number of people want to experience longer content, Instagram added the IGTV feature in late 2018. This gives content creators a space to leave content from one minute to an hour on their Instagram feeds.

Do you have longer video content? IGTV is the perfect place to break a 20-minute video down into three-minute snippets for steady content engagement. You can also use IGTV to conduct engaging interviews with your team or speak on industry topics in a meaningful way.

LinkedIn articles

LinkedIn is more than just a place to repost whatever content you shared on Facebook. It can be an effective, valuable tool to make connections with other thought leaders and potential clients (especially if you’re B2B).

LinkedIn allows for individual users to add content natively to the platform itself. The LinkedIn Articles feature gives your business the opportunity to showcase thought leadership while integrating the power of hashtags for sharing purposes. It’s the best of blogging and LinkedIn posts in one go.

Industry memes

Ah, memes. They’re the lifeblood to Millennial and Gen Z discussion. Memes aren’t confined to pop culture, however. If you’re looking for snackable content perfect for social media, making a few memes related to trends in your industry could be a great way to establish authority in a fun, memorable way.

A word of caution to your meme-ing: be sure to capitalize on a meme before it becomes overused. This means listening closely to social media and following trends on the upswing. While the meme above is hilarious, the meme format itself is over a year old and doesn’t provide the same laughs that it used to. 


Quizzes and quizlets are staple interactive content forms. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 46% of marketers say they already use quizzes in their strategy. The appeal makes sense; quizzes are easy to set up and serve as great lead gen opportunities.

Even shorter quizzes can drive organic engagement across social media. Quizzes encourage users to send it to their friends to say “what result did you get?”

Social media polls

The polls feature on both Instagram and Twitter give your audience a great way to quickly engage with your content while also giving you insights into what your audience wants. When picking a topic, stick to what you’d naturally ask clients or your team. Find the balance between “discussion starter” and “complete PR nightmare.” You want the subject to be interesting enough that it a) compels someone to stop scrolling and b) motivates them either through positive or negative emotions to engage.

“How dare someone believe chocolate fudge is better than peanut butter! Time to cast my vote and change the course of history!” (Okay, it might not be that motivational, but people love seeing their opinion win out in public discourse.)

Serving delicious snackable content

Regardless of the type of snackable content you serve to your audience, you should always make sure it’s:

  • Informative: Don’t feel compelled to post trendy content for the sake of looking cool. People don’t engage with business content for the same reasons they talk to their friends. Brands aren’t their friends. They want to learn something or gain something by listening to your business online.
  • Engaging: There’s no room in your content strategy for boring content. Plain and simple.
  • On-Brand: If you’re a trusted banking corporation with a conservative brand voice, making a meme hopping on the latest trends wouldn’t be in line with what your audience expects from you. That could break the trust your audience already has with you.

Don’t know where to get started with building out a content strategy, let alone including snackable content? Our team of content marketing strategists can help! Appleton is an award-winning, full-service Orlando marketing firm that specializes in making content people will actually want to read. Appleton works with local, national and international clients to deliver organic and paid content marketing strategies that put your brand one step ahead of your competition.

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