6 Smart Ways to Use Twitter Lists for Your Business

6 ways to use twitter lists for your business

If you’re constantly looking for ways to organize and optimize your social media profiles, Twitter lists might be the perfect solution for your convoluted Twitter feed. The following tips and ideas for using Twitter lists will get your profile more organized and give your business more influence in your industry.

What is a Twitter list?

The Twitter list feature allows you to organize Twitter users into groups so you can manage and optimize how you look at tweets. You can either create your own lists or subscribe to other users’ lists.

What are Twitter lists used for?

Twitter lists can be used to follow a specific group of Twitter users, whom you may or may not follow. When you create or subscribe to a list, that feed only displays the tweets from the users in that list.

There’s a common misconception in which people think these lists can be used to send tweets to everyone on a particular list. This isn’t true. You can only read the tweets from users on a list. However, you can interact with one another individually.

Public vs Private Lists

Public lists can be seen by anyone on Twitter, and people are notified when they’re added to a public list. You can also see any public lists a person has created or subscribed to and which lists they’re a member of by going to their profile and clicking the “more” tab. Private lists you create are only seen by you and users are not notified when they’re added.

6 Twitter List Uses for Businesses

There are numerous ways you can use Twitter lists for your business. Depending on your Twitter business goals, these lists are an effective way to sift and sort through users you’re interested in.

  1. Valuable Customers

While social media has improved customer service tremendously, take yours a step further with a Twitter list of your valued customers. If you have users who frequently mention or engage with your business, add them to this list. Nurture those relationships by retweeting and using mentions. Interacting with these users will make them feel recognized by your brand. In turn, your valuable customers (and your business) will grow naturally as you reward your loyal stakeholders.

  1. Employee Engagement

Your employees who are on Twitter can be compiled into a list for many great reasons. It’ll provide your employees with a chance to get to know one another better and easily integrate new employees into your current team. You can also use this list as an internal tool to promote team building, communicate with employees, retweet relevant content they share and see what’s happening in their lives. This list will reveal a lot about your company’s internal culture and the people behind the scenes of your brand.

  1. Events and Conferences

A Twitter list for a live event or conference can benefit both the people who attend and those who don’t. Attendees are able to find and connect with one another at the event, and non-attendees will be able to follow the event in real-time. Either way, people can stay updated on everything that happens through your list of event-goers. While hashtags are typically used for this purpose, lists will grab tweets from users who didn’t include the hashtag.

  1. Industry

Developing a list of Twitter accounts pertaining to your industry is beneficial because you can stay current on industry occurrences. It’s like skimming through a trade magazine, but you get to select exactly the accounts you want to see updates from. You can also connect and improve relationships with industry leaders. This list will add value to your account when you share it with followers and others in your industry because you’re giving them a resource you’ve created that they can use as well.

  1. Private Client List

Put together a list of your clients so you can be more aware of their activities, updates and what they’re sharing to social media. Some clients may be wary of being on a public list, so be sure to keep their anonymity with a private list.

  1. Competitor List

Keeping tabs on competitors will help you see what type of content they’re sharing and any news or updates about their company. You can also find their valuable customers engaging with their brand on Twitter, and convert them into customers for your business by interacting with them. A competitor list is a collection you may want to set as a private list.

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