6 of the Best April Fools’ Day Pranks to Pull at Home

Get ready to feel the burn because we’re about to turn up the heat with some epic pranks at home for you to pull this April Fools’ Day. Proceed with caution, check corners, walk slowly and look before you step so you don’t get caught in the crossfire. With these pranks at home, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to strike.

1. No TV for You

Difficulty: Easy
Result: Frustration to the max

tv remote prank

Cover the sensor of all the remotes in your house with a very slim piece of clear tape so it goes unnoticed. When someone tries to turn on the TV or change the channel, they’ll be wondering why it’s not working.

2. Orange You Gonna Say Cheese

Difficulty: Easy
Result: Disgust

cheese powder drink prank

This isn’t your grandma’s orange juice. Take a box of instant mac and cheese, mix the cheese powder with water, put it in a pitcher and ta da. You’ve got instant mac and cheese juice. The coloring is perfect enough to trick anyone at home with what they believe will be a refreshing drink, only to be surprised with the taste of cheesy water instead. Yuck.

 3. Soap Without Suds

Difficulty: Medium
Result: Total confusion

Soap Prank

No one in your house will be safe from the stink after this one. Cover any bars of soap in your house with a coat of clear nail polish. When your family tries to shower or wash their hands, they’ll be baffled to find the soap isn’t lathering.

4. Plastic Wrapped Body Wash

Difficulty: Medium
Result: Now this is just getting ridiculous

saran wrap prank

Stock up on Saran Wrap because you’re going to need it. Go through all the soap dispensers and body wash bottles in the house, remove the lids and wrap Saran Wrap around the top of the bottles. Once you screw the lids back on, remove any excess wrap. Everyone in your house will be confused as to why the soap won’t come out when they try to dispense it.

5. Stop Bugging Me

Difficulty: Medium
Result: Scared silly

Bug prank

If you really want your family to bug out, cut out some paper bugs and hide them in random places all around the house. Whenever someone hits a wall switch or turns on a light, they’ll be shocked to see what they think are tons of creepy crawlies just waiting for the chance to attack.

 6. Water Cup Disaster

Difficulty: Hard
Result: A liquidy mess

upside-down Water cup Prank

The classic upside-down water cup prank. The trick to this prank is filling up a glass with water and putting a thin piece of paper or note card on the top before flipping it. Once you have your paper in place, flip the glass over. We recommend testing this out over the sink first so you don’t end up having to clean up your own mess. Once it’s successful, sit it on a flat surface and pull the note card slowly out from under it. Extra points for leaving more than one around the house.

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