5 Ways to Market to Gen Z

5 Ways to Market to Gen Z cover

Generation Z is a powerful, diverse, and influential group representing over $140 billion in overall spending power — it’s no wonder everyone is trying to crack the code of how to successfully market to this group. Also known as “digital natives,” Gen Z represents individuals born between 1997-2012. They are progressive, ethnically and racially diverse, open-minded, and are set to be the best-educated generation. Growing up in the age of social media has drastically impacted how this generation spends its time and money, so we’ve got five tips to make it easier to reach them.

1. Make it bite-sized.

Generation Z has the attention span of a goldfish — literally. With only about 8.25 seconds of time to pack in your message, snackable social media content is the way to go. This can be done through posts, tweets, and infographics. Picking your platform is important here — 81% of Gen Z say Instagram and YouTube are their preferred social media sites, so picking an outlet such as Facebook would be a waste of time. Utilizing short-form videos, Instagram stories, and TikTok are prime ways to use bite-sized content.

2. Utilize Interactive Content.

Interactive content for marketing is a surefire way to increase audience engagement and receive feedback. Gen Z users want to do something when they land on a post —like, comment, retweet, or vote. Using tools such as Instagram or Twitter Polls, quote tweets, and Instagram stories and Lives can increase interaction.

3. Wear your beliefs and morals on your (social) sleeve.

Generation Z is a progressive group with high expectations for brands to take a stance on social issues. They are twice as likely to care more about social and equality, and are more likely to trust a company that takes society’s best interest to heart. This directly correlates to the need of individuals within Gen Z to express their beliefs and make a difference in the world. It is crucial for a brand to uphold their beliefs and morals with action and speak out on social issues.

4. Partner With Influencers.

An influencer is an individual who has a large following and promotes products or services through their posts on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Gen Z typically takes time to evaluate a purchase before committing and influencers are a powerful tool for swaying this generation. 50% of them say they trust influencer recommendations, so it’s important to partner with influencers who have active and relevant audiences.

5. Have fun, use humor, and be authentic.

It’s no secret that trends have a large influence on Gen Z and it can be difficult to race with the internet, but having a clear brand message and voice can help you cross the finish line. Gen Z wants to support fun and interesting brands, so it’s important for your brand to be its most authentic self. Humanizing your brand through humor or authenticity by using your own voice is a powerful tool. Gen Z doesn’t want the façade, they want you. Be organic, unpredictable, and genuine rather than being cookie-cutter and templated.

Gen Z is going to change the way marketers utilize social media and target their audiences. Keeping up with trends, using your voice, and being genuine will separate your brand from the rest.

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