5 Tips to Keep Your Email Marketing Users Engaged

Email marketing has several benefits for your business; it is an excellent cost-effective tool for promotion and information and it also has measurable results. By implementing proven practices, you can have a more effective email marketing campaign and reduce your email unsubscribes.

Target your emails by categorizing subscribers into relevant segments.

By categorizing your subscribers into different segments, you’ll be able to send the most relevant emails to them. If users feel an email can benefit them, they are less likely to unsubscribe. Segmented campaigns have 9.37% lower unsubscribe rates than non-segmented campaigns. 

 There are several ways you can categorize your subscribers into segments:

  • Are they a new subscriber or returning subscriber? These two segments should receive different messages. For instance, you would send your new subscribers a welcome email, while your current subscribers get the content updates. 
  • What is their location? You will need to send emails to people in the appropriate time zone of their location.
  • What is their purchase history? Group users together into similar segments depending on their purchases to recommend them similar items they may like. 

Segmenting your users is a great way to send them relevant emails that is catered toward them and they will want to stay subscribed.

Use effective subject lines. 

The subject line can make or break your email campaign and roughly 47% of people actually open emails based upon the subject line. If you have great content in your email but the subject line isn’t enticing enough to open, they may feel inclined to scroll past your email this time.  

Here are a few tips for effective subject lines:

  • Optimize them for mobile users. Studies indicate that 75%of Americans use smartphones to check emails. Use subject lines with less than 30 characters so your mobile users are able to read your whole subject line. If it doesn’t fit into the character count, make sure the most important part of your subject line does.
  • Keep them short to grab attention. Short subject lines have higher open rates. The faster the consumer can read it, the better.
  • Avoid words and phrases that reduce open rates. For instance, some phrases that reduce open rates are alert include “Apply Now” and “This Isn’t Spam.”

Overall, if you have an effective subject line, your user will feel the email is of value to them and want to open it.

Produce appealing content.

Now that you have an effective subject line and your user has opened the email, you’ll want to entice them with great content! This is one practice you will want to implement so that all your users feel they are spending their time reading relevant, useful and interesting content.

Practices to implement include:

  • Ask yourself why? Ask yourself why the email is something the user would want to read. If you cannot think of why the user would want to read it, you may want to restrategize your content marketing plan.
  • Mix up your content . Use a variety of content types. For example, share an enticing blog, how-to guide, items they may like, white pages, etc.
  • Pay attention to your email design. Is the layout easy to maneuver? Is it branded visually? If your email design is visually appealing and easy-to-read, the user will want to stay connected.
  • Proofread. Make sure you have someone else look over your content for typos and grammar. Excellent grammar makes a brand more trustworthy and professional.
  • Give users special content. Provide your users with a discount or reward that they wouldn’t receive if they weren’t subscribed to keep them incentivized to keep reading your emails.

Let your users choose their own email frequency.

The number one reason for unsubscribing to emails is receiving too many emails. When a user subscribes to your email, simply add an option that lets them choose how frequently they want to receive emails. It’s hard to know how many emails each user prefers, so let them be in control. 

 Over 47% of users unsubscribe from emails because they get too many. By providing this frequency option, each user will be happy with the number of emails they receive.

Gain feedback when a user does decide to unsubscribe. 

Now you have five amazing tips on how to retain your users and reduce your email unsubscribe rates, but you may want help implementing them with the assistance of a professional marketing agency. Appleton is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing and advertising agency located in Orlando, Florida. Appleton works with local, national and international clients to deliver custom content, persuasive online ads and expertly crafted campaigns. By implementing valuable and shareable digital content strategies, Appleton can create the perfect social and digital marketing experience for your brand and audience. Your Internet advertising goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or info@appletoncreative.com.

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