5 Marketing Musts for Your Telehealth Launch

The days of doctors’ office waiting rooms are behind us. Thanks to telehealth, healthcare providers are only a click and a video call away. Telehealth is the broad use of technology in order to provide care and streamline healthcare services; it also includes non-clinical services, such as medical training for students and additional provider training. Although it’s been around for years, telehealth is more accessible than ever before and is here to stay.

This is all fantastic news, but the question still remains: how can the healthcare industry make telehealth services more widely known and encourage patients to take advantage of this convenient service? Research shows that 83% of people plan on continuing to utilize telehealth, so providing a platform that stands out against others is key.

Whether you already have a telehealth platform or are ready to launch one, a marketing campaign will help garner attention for the service and keep your brand in the forefront of patients’ mind. With agency assistance, your reach can expand with a unique campaign for your practice. By putting these five marketing techniques into play, you can boost your telehealth platform, attract new clients and enhance your current clients’ experience in no time.

Tap Into Transmedia Advertising

Transmedia advertising is a strategy that allows one story to be told through a variety of mediums. This establishes a link between campaign components with a key identifier.

Creating associations across different media will be more memorable for your audience and will result in a stronger and responsive combined message. For example, if you’re marketing your event, use both print and digital to share your message in a deeper way to bring in people. Send physical invites and connect it with digital by adding a QR code to the website where they can RSVP. The most important part about transmedia advertising is making sure all your media has the same branding, that way consumers instantly recognize it. The cohesive storytelling provided by transmedia will also allow your audience to connect more effectively with telehealth options and more importantly, your practice.

Take Advantage of SEO

Search engine optimization is more important than ever. The better your SEO performance, the more likely your company will show up in the top search engine results. With so many telehealth options just a click away, it’s crucial to ensure you’re a top contender for that click. With enhanced SEO, you can boost your credibility among your audience and increase website engagement.

Partnering with an agency, you can work with expert digital marketers and programmers to optimize your webpages for search engines and voice searches; thereby increasing your chances of being seen by a larger, Internet surfing audience. This increased chance of exposure will help your telehealth platform gain recognition among clients and encourage them to find out more about what you offer and use your services over a competitor.

Generate Interactive Video Content

Besides being an efficient way to advertise your telehealth services, video marketing has proven to provide immense exposure for brands. Over 85% of marketers say videos provide a high return on investment. Videos create a more personal and interactive relationship with your audience; instead of having words on a screen, you put a face to your name and practice. This is important for connecting with your current and future clients.

One way you can add videos into your telehealth campaign is by sharing video patient testimonials instead of written ones. Build trust by letting your customers be seen and heard. Showcasing patient testimonials can also help address patient questions and encourage them to use your services.

Chatty Cathy Chatbots

Chatbots have also been growing in popularity, and for good reason. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, a chatbot’s 24/7 presence ensures that website visitors no longer have to wait for business hours to schedule an appointment. Today, people are fast-moving, and getting questions or requests addressed quickly and efficiently is a top concern. AI assistance from a chatbot can provide just that.

Introducing a chatbot can drastically improve customer satisfaction rates. With the ease of access and efficiency of a chatbot, your potential and current clients can get the information they need to know about your telehealth brand.

Analyze Your Campaign

 Monitoring campaign success is critical; it allows a better understanding of which methods your audience engaged with the most. When implementing your telehealth campaign, use your metrics to understand what advertising tactics best related and connected with your audience to help your campaign get optimal engagement and results. Analyzing data such as impressions, clicks and website traffic can guide your next steps in order to optimize your campaign. 

Campaigns are a rewarding effort that will help your practice reach and inform more clients about the benefits telemedicine offers. With the help of an agency, your campaign journey can start today. Appleton is an award-winning, full-service Orlando advertising agency that works with local, national and international clients to deliver impressive ad campaigns, branding, print, web, public relations, social media and video service — all in-house. Your marketing goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or info@appletoncreative.com.

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