5 Fascinating Facts from Reddit 2012

With over 46,839,289 visitors last month alone, Reddit has proven to be a dominant online community. Not only does it serve as a social news website, but it’s taught the cyber-world many interesting and educational facts. Here is a collection of our favorite fascinating facts:

1. Where’s Waldo? was banned for barring chest.
In 1987, the first Where’s Waldo? book was banned because one page had a woman baring her chest on the beach. In 1997 the book was revised to produce the special edition. We want to know who discovered this character amidst all the thousands of characters featured in the Where’s Waldo? book.

2. Every apple you’ve ever bought is a clone.
Due to their complex genes, an apple tree has the DNA of its parents, producing mostly sour fruits known as “crab apples.” Supermarkets and produce stands offer fruit from grafted trees. Grafting is done by attaching the root of one tree to the shoot of the desired fruit to clone it, producing the sweet fruit.

3. Outer Space Internet is about as fast as DSL.
In 2010, astronauts in the International Space Station received direct access to the Internet, rather than transmitting through mission control. They connect through a satellite on the Ku band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Speeds are 3Mbps up and 10Mbps down which is about the same as a standard DSL connection on earth.

4. NASA uses Armageddon as a training film.
Okay, Bruce Willis isn’t actually the model for the future astronauts. NASA’s management training program shows the film to its new staff and they must find as many scientific inaccuracies as possible. To date, 168 inaccuracies is the record.

5. Movie trailers used to play after the film.
Originally, trailers received their name because they were played after the film to encourage moviegoers’ return. Hollywood has introduced other names for these clips, like “Previews” but the term ‘trailer’ has remained the preferred term.

For more of Reddit’s fascinating facts of 2012 visit http://mashable.com/2012/11/10/reddit-facts-2012/.

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