3 Things Marketers Should Take Away From 2014’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. More than a tech geek wonderland, the who’s who of business and marketing are regularly in attendance. Why? CES has served as the global stage for next-generation innovations and breakthrough technologies, and their introduction to the marketplace, for the past 40 years. The videocassette recorder, the CD, the DVD, the Xbox, and the dawn of Android devices all got their start here.

While over 20,000 new products were unveiled at CES this year, most will barely make a blip in the market. Still, there are some that have the potential to disrupt the status quo and eventually change everything. For this reason alone, over 10,000 ad industry executives, including the CEOs of every major advertising conglomerate, were in attendance. The CMOs of every major brand were also present.

What’s the draw for them? And why should marketers be concerned with CES?

That’s simple: Consumer insight and habits of the future. Sony CEO and President Kazuo Hirai touched on “the pursuit of an improved human experience,” during his 2014 keynote presentation. He stressed the importance of “integrating software and hardware and content to deliver magical human experiences.” It’s the potential changes of human life as a whole that can radically change the marketplace.

Seeing an obscene amount of emerging technologies all crammed into one place bestows upon attendees and analysts the ability to envision future consumer behavior scenarios. So from this year’s show, here’s what should be on your radar:

1. Wearable Technology

We’re on the verge of wearable tech becoming a thing. This year, Smartwatches and head mounted tech designs were presented and seen as more visually appealing, useful and affordably priced than ever before. Are we finally warming up to wearing our gadgets?

2. Biometrics

Biometrics technology could become something all connectivity-based products will need to adopt. In light of numerous recent data leaks, social media site lawsuits and hacking disasters; consumers are increasingly worried about privacy. Normally viewed as gimmicky, biometrics applied to security could be the new wave of the future. Biometrics can be used to scan fingerprints, palm prints and irises, which could become the passwords of tomorrow.

3. People Want Some Say

The slew of crowd-funded products and start-ups that tabled the event proves that consumers are not tied to big brands. People are open to buying from lesser-known companies. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are proof that people are even willing to invest in them.

This also goes to show that consumers enjoy being part of the development process of new products. Audience participation will continue to become a great way to launch new products and service offerings. Every business should take note of this.

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