In Case You Blinked – November 2016 Blog Roundup

Posted on: November 30th, 2016

Appleton Creative Blog Roundup

It’s time to look back and relive Appleton Creative’s best moments in November 2016. Here’s what you may have missed:

Vine is Dead, but Where Are Its Ghosts Going?

It’s official: Twitter killed Vine. But, before you cry “boo-hoo,” learn why this happened and what other social media platforms offer for your advertising needs:

what happened to vine

Do Donkeys and Elephants Belong at the Zoo? Advertising to Political Demographics

This political season is a zoo, but your political advertising campaign doesn’t have to be. Learn how to reach your audience by targeting the media channels they consume:

targeting generations of voters with political advertising

3 Impactful Ways to Avoid Brand Inconsistencies

Brand consistency is key for establishing your presence. Learn what consistency can do for your brand and how it can boost it:

3 ways to avoid brand inconsistencies

Lost and Found: Optimizing Your Online Images

Hide and seek is not a game you want to play with your online images. Learn why:

how to get my images found online

Game On – NBA Gets a Stake in Growing eSports Market

eSports are on the rise! North American sports companies are buying into the brand-new competitive video game market – it’s time to take notice. Learn more:esports marketing sponsorship

Art and Soul Spotlight: Tina Gardiakos

These stunning interactive art pieces by local artist Tina Gardiakos blend function and form in her intricate, intimate designs. They were on display in our Appleton Awareness Gallery, as part of our partnership with Zebra Coalition. Experience these touch-friendly creations and witness how they encourage connection with art on the deepest level:

local Orlando artist

Appleton’s Thanksgiving 2016 Recipe Roundup

Halloween has come and gone, and Thanksgiving is hot on its heels! We’re sharing a collection of our team’s favorite festive recipes that are sure to make you the hero of your next family dinner or friendly potluck. Check us out:

thanksgiving recipes

Hook ’em —  Unlock the Secrets to a Compelling Press Release

Press releases are an essential way for businesses to share recent news and developments with the media, but how can you ensure your release gets seen amidst the sea of content your recipients encounter each day? Find out the secrets:

how to write a press release

Healing Wounds Through Compassion and Creativity — Appleton Visits Children’s Burn Camp

For many children who are victims of burn injuries, the resulting psychological and emotional impact can be as troubling as the physical harm. We were honored to connect with young survivors of burn injuries at Children’s Burn Camp and assist with the rehabilitative healing process through compassion and creativity. Discover more:

11 Years and Counting: Dolly’s Appleton Anniversary

Two world-changing things happened in 2005, YouTube was created and Dolly Sanborn joined Appleton Creative. Guess whose 11th anniversary we’re celebrating:

orlando graphic designer