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Appleton Creative Blog Roundup
November 30, 2016

In Case You Blinked – November 2016 Blog Roundup

It’s time to look back and relive Appleton Creative’s best moments in November 2016. Here’s what you may have missed: Vine is Dead, but Where Are Its Ghosts Going? It’s official: Twitter killed Vine. But, before you cry “boo-hoo,” learn why this happened and what other social media platforms offer for your advertising needs: Do Donkeys […]

orlando graphic designer
November 29, 2016

11 Years and Counting: Dolly’s Appleton Anniversary

Senior art director and designer, Dolly Sanborn, began her career at Appleton Creative through a chance encounter 11 years ago with CEO and creative director, Diana LaRue. Since her first day on the job, Dolly has provided this Orlando advertising agency with beautiful and practical graphic design, as well as a helpful and detail-oriented personality. […]

November 23, 2016

Healing Wounds Through Compassion and Creativity — Appleton Visits Children’s Burn Camp

For a child, being the victim of a severe burn can create pain that extends beyond physical. There can also be lasting social, emotional and psychological impacts. The Children’s Burn Foundation of Central Florida is dedicated to enhancing the lives of young burn survivors, and it’s also the subject of the next Appleton Awareness Gallery […]

how to write a press release
November 22, 2016

Hook ’em — Unlock the Secrets to a Compelling Press Release

A press release is the very first tool in a business’ arsenal when it comes to getting its information to the media. Why is utilizing the press release such an essential and universal strategy? Because the initial press release is the only opportunity you have to completely control how a story is framed; if a […]

local Orlando artist
November 16, 2016

Art and Soul Spotlight: Tina Gardiakos

With a passion for artistic creation stemming from her childhood, Tina Gardiakos knew that not pursuing this dream would be, “The one thing I’d always regret.” And with her family’s encouragement, some crayons and passion, Tina continued to craft what would become her life’s passion. Tina Gardiakos is a local mixed media artist in Orlando, […]

esports marketing sponsorship
November 15, 2016

Game On – NBA Gets a Stake in Growing eSports Market

Being an effective marketer doesn’t just entail mastery of the current standards, it also requires staying ahead of the curve and being aware of the latest trends and innovations new to the advertising industry. Advertising is a game of numbers, and the earlier you are to a new medium of exposure the fewer rivals you’ll […]

Orlando Come Out With Pride festival 2016
November 11, 2016

Stride with Pride and Show Your Colors in Downtown Orlando

The annual Orlando Come Out With Pride festival begins on Thursday, November 10th and ends on Sunday, November 13th. Hosted by the Metropolitan Business Association (MBA) of Orlando, this event is put on by Come Out Pride, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Orlando’s LGBTQ+ community. As its mission states, Orlando […]

how to get my images found online
November 9, 2016

Lost and Found: Optimizing Your Online Images

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not simply a marketing buzzword. It’s the digital marketing practice that takes your website from lost in the Internet jungle to found at the forefront of consumer search engines. SEO doesn’t just pertain to your content’s text; it’s crucial that your images are optimized for search engines and that’s best […]

3 ways to avoid brand inconsistencies
November 7, 2016

3 Impactful Ways to Avoid Brand Inconsistencies

Corporate branding can be a challenging task to small or start-up companies. In a survey about company investments, 82% of respondents see brand strength as a determining factor for key stakeholders. Your brand should reflect the values and mission of your company. Inconsistency causes consumers to view a company as unprofessional. There’s also wasted time […]

targeting generations of voters with political advertising
November 2, 2016

Do Donkeys and Elephants Belong at the Zoo? Advertising to Political Demographics

With the political season in full swing, there are plenty of political ads to be found in every medium, from TV and mobile to radio and print. With so many channel options to choose from, hiring a qualified advertising agency is important to gain the most reach for your business. Furthermore, generational groups vary on […]