In Case You Blinked – August 2016 Blog Roundup

Posted on: August 31st, 2016

Appleton Creative Blog Roundup

It’s time to look back and relive Appleton Creative’s best moments in August 2016. Here’s what you may have missed:

Along with Books, Check Out the New Library

Feeling like you’ve seen and done everything Orlando has to offer? It’s time to mix it up. Discover how you can become an inventor, investor or an investigator with the Orange County Library System.

Orange County Library System Advertising Campaign

Calls-to-Action That Work for Your Website

Driving traffic to your website is integral to your company’s online success. Using calls-to-action can get you traffic, but creativity is key. Learn how creative calls-to-action can work for your website:

successful call-to-action

Hot Dog! It’s Time for Pooch Pictures Again

Every year, we’re so happy to partner with Macbeth Studio to host Pup Portraits. They were able to raise close to $1,000 for Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. Thanks for making this year another huge success!

macbeth photography and pet alliance of greater orlando

How Heineken Reached 35 Million in 3 Days: Digital Display Advertising

Discussions about digital display advertising’s effectiveness have come and gone. If done correctly, digital display advertising is effective. Find out why and learn more:

display advertising digital banner ads

Who Knew Annual Reports Could Release Your Endorphins?

For most businesses, annual reports are a yearly necessity, but that doesn’t have to mean yearly boredom. Creativity is key for successful annual reports and luckily creativity is our specialty. Learn more:

Latest annual report trends

The Site That Suits the Not-So-Suits at CFO Strategic Partners

The people at CFO Strategic Partners are anything but your ordinary CFOs, and now they have an extraordinary new website to suit:

not your average cfo

Get the Inside Scoop on David’s Cookies’ Sweet New Video

Dessert lovers everywhere will have the most mouthwatering experience after watching David’s Cookies’ new video. Get the inside scoop:

David's Cookies HSN Video

Eliciting Effective Enewsletters

Many businesses implement email newsletters into their marketing campaign. If yours is one of them, it’s important to stay current in newsletter design trends to positively impact your audience. Learn more:

enewsletter design