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Posted on: November 7th, 2012

How today’s teens consume media

As we all know our world is made up of three things, humans, air, and advertisements. Yes, advertisements! Well, science may prove me wrong on that statement, but as a teenage girl, I’m constantly bombarded with ads. There are times that we actually pay attention to ads and other times we don’t. Do you want to know which types of media spark teenagers’ interest? Well, let your brain wonder no more. Your girl Derricka is here to help.


It’s no doubt that teens love the web. On average we spend 7 hours or more surfing the Internet daily. From updating Facebook statuses to watching funny YouTube videos, time flies by. Most of the time we don’t pay much attention to advertisements unless it’s flashy, eye-catching and bright. For example, recently I saw this awesome car advertisement that popped out randomly when you drag the cursor over it. Now that caught my attention.


Teens don’t have time sit and read newspapers. If we want local news, we go straight to the Internet. So don’t bother trying to appeal to us via newspaper. Magazines on the other hand are a different story. I’m a proud magazine reader! Teens are attracted to certain magazines based on the scandalous headlines that pull us in. I can say, most girls my age are reading Teen People, Seventeen, and Juxtapoz magazine for it’s content. That’s probably why there are advertisements for makeup, clothes, and perfume.


My generation is an odd-mix of vampire-lovers, hipsters (contemporary subculture), Team Peeta-Pits (lovers of Peeta from the Hunger Games), and just awkward. We don’t listen to the radio much unless we’re just trying to pass time in a car ride. The second a commercial comes on we change the station. It’s all about the music. The way to catch our attention is to play jingle ads on the radio. They trick us into thinking its real music, and we end up listening. TV does the same thing. If the commercial isn’t funny, weird, or have a jingle (like the State Farm jingle or Red Robin jingle), we most likely will not stay tuned to see what it’s all about.


We normally don’t pay much attention to billboards or random ads on street. It has to be innovative or have moving parts in order for us to notice them. Around Orlando, most of the billboards I’ve seen have been up for months and don’t target teens, other than Halloween Horror Nights or concerts.

Mobile phones

As the average teenager, I always have my phone with me. Always. A lot of teens think of their phones as their central universe. We sleep, eat, and breathe our cell phones. We surf the web, check messages, video chat, watch videos and so much more on our phone. One of the most important words of advice I can suggest is for advertisers to make sure your sites and ads are phone friendly.

Anyways, until next time, ttyl!


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