Derricka's Corner ~ Appleton's Resident Teenager Talks Trends

Posted on: June 6th, 2012

Since many popular marketing trends begin and end with teen participation, we asked our COH (Chief Office Helper) Derricka to fill us in on the latest buzz around the hallway lockers.

Hey there – welcome to Derricka’s Corner! If you are new to my blog, congratulations! You have just entered a world full of insight from yours truly. As my junior year of high school is ending, summer is breezing in fast. This summer will be full of hot topics and new trends. There are a couple of new trends that make me excited and happy to be an Appleton blogger because most people don’t know much about them. So I’m here to tell you the top 3!

The first super trend is “gifs.” If you’ve heard about them, great! If you haven’t, gifs are basically motion pictures, unlike television and videos. Gifs are normally no more than 10 seconds long. Gifs made up of still pictures are my favorite because it looks more complicated to create than video-made gifs – when actually, they are so much easier! Gifs are everywhere and they are indeed an eye-catcher, kind of like a random speck of glitter on the carpet. Which brings me to the next trend!

If you were to take a picture of that speck of glitter and uploaded it because you thought it looked “cool,” that picture would not get very much attention. Aw, how sad. But Derricka has an alternative to that boring, old picture. Instagram!  Instagram is a fun blog-like app that lets you upload pictures that you’ve transformed into awesome-looking pictures. The most popular sepia filter makes that little speck of glitter look interesting and very intriguing. A ton of teens are on Instagram, and a large majority of them now think they are professional photographers (oh, my generation).

The third new trend I’m here to tell you about is very creepy. In a good way, of course! Dance dares! I love dance dares! They were inspired by Ellen DeGeneres. Dance dares are when you or a random person creep up and start dancing behind a complete stranger without them noticing. That’s the dare part. Ellen started telling people on her show to do dance dares and send them in. They are most definitely fun. Click below to check out a few great dance dare moments.

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