Derricka’s Corner ~ Appleton’s Resident Teenager Talks Video Trends

Posted on: May 2nd, 2012

Fashion (aqua nails, citrus orange) and technology (Pinterest, Memes) will always be trend-heavy categories. You don’t visit the Appleton blog to learn about fashion. I know what you are wondering: What are marketing and advertising companies using this year? Well, never fear, your girl Derricka is here to tell you the top 3!

Online video: Most movies, music videos and most television shows are now on the internet. In my opinion, our televisions are becoming extinct. I know it sounds terrible! “Derricka, I don’t want to get rid of my television,” you protest. Well lucky for you, I can’t imagine a complete extinction for at least another 50 years. The facts are clear though; online video ratings have blossomed greatly since the year 2009 to about 57%. It’s become commonplace for companies to premiere videos on YouTube as opposed to buying time during major TV programs.

Another video trend is comedy becoming the most engaging technique. Comedy has become so popular because everyone responds to humor. Viewer expectations are high and they are no longer responding to emotionless videos. Viewers want bright and cheerful. Take the new Target commercial for instance: it’s full of color, people hopping around and speaking French! Very unique and entertaining!

The last video trend I’m seeing is cross-platform interactive videos. This trend allows viewers to engage in some way with the video and being affected by or having an effect on the outcome of the video. Advertisers are getting into this trend with viral videos such as this video from Roger’s.

The video world is changing. Are you?

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