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April 28, 2010

Email Tips

Two critical elements influencing email deliverability can be summarized by sender reputation and content relevance. An email sender’s reputation is developed over time by sending consistently to well-managed distribution lists. This is then further influenced by producing content that is highly targeted and relevant to your audience. If your email marketing vendor supports Google Analytics […]

April 21, 2010

Personal URL Tips

Based on our experience, PURLs work best for lead generation, not for directly selling something. We encourage you to test, however, because you might get different results based on your product or service. Instead of using an existing domain for a PURL, register a brand new one. This enables you to get very creative and […]

April 14, 2010

Creative Tips

Customers prefer the look of foil over paper by 16%. Increase your response rates by using silver or hologram labels. Choice depresses response. People are already faced with the choice to respond to a direct mail piece or not, so to give them a choice of offer, a choice of premium or any other thing […]

April 6, 2010

Keywords Rule

There are many different ways to get your website noticed. You can hand out business cards, advertise in newspapers, email every contact you have and spread the word by any means you can think of.

April 5, 2010

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is primed and ready to break open the social media market. Everyone is on Facebook, but how can you get leads, clicks, and buyers on the social network?