Appleton Creative- Now Offering Text Message Marketing

Posted on: November 9th, 2009

There is a buzz about town, and as we develop more all inclusive campaigns, clients often want to know whether we have any experience using SMS messages that they can use as a templates as we craft marketing campaigns.

Here at Appleton Creative, we know each company needs to tailor the text message specifically for their own target market. There are however a few golden rules that can help you get the best possible response from your SMS text campaign and we are only too happy to share our methods.

No Text Talk
Some of your target audience won’t mind ‘text speak’ LOL 🙂 at all but a good many of them might not understand. Text language can be confusing so we can help craft your message to fit your brand and carry the message.

Don’t Crowd In Too Much Info
A message should be about 160 characters maximum. In this case, brief is better.

Tell Your Audience Who You Are
We at Appleton Creative we won’t assume your recipients will immediately know who the text is from. We can help you change the sender name so that the customer knows who it’s from before the text is even opened. This helps your bottom line.

You Must Have a ‘Call To Action
Let’s tell them what you want the customer to do. We often structure messages not just to quote your phone number but ask the customer to dial it. E.g Call us now on XXX-XXXX, or visit,

Grab The Attention Early
Begin your text message with something really attention grabbing that will ignite curiosity and compel the client to keep reading. At Appleton we recently found, the word ‘news’ is particularly effective

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