Social Media Marketing – Company Images and Videos

Posted on: October 29th, 2009

As huge advocates for brand standards, we at Appleton Creative, wanted to share some insight.
Social media marketing offers a chance to put the power of the Internet behind your business! Extend communications to new online customers through visual imagery. We can often use videos and images to enhance your social media marketing campaign. With the power of our in-house video team, and through well-conceived images, you can provide different messages about your company without engaging in a direct marketing ploy, especially if you post graphic content where consumers search for information. Here are 4 ways to introduce corporate imagery to the public through interactive websites.

1. Prominently display an image of your product, company name, office, or building in photos you post on social media profiles, forums, and websites. Keep in mind these photos should consist of an independent theme. For example, take a picture of employees volunteering in a local beach cleanup wearing their company t-shirts. We often film and post our crew, at events sponsored by Appleton Creative.

2. Join community and non-profit social networks where you can post a company image and a photo album. For example, if you join a community group that educates children about careers, you can post an image of a person standing outside your building or in front of a company vehicle with the company logo clearly displayed.

3. Another option we offer at Appleton Creative is to use a website like YouTube to post a video on a topic that interests your target consumers. When a video gets emailed to thousands or millions of Internet users, it becomes viral. You can create a link to your informational video on other websites. In the video, a visual representation of your business should not detract from the presentation.

4. Local community events offer opportunities to supplement social media marketing with person-to-person marketing. Host a career day at your business location or take your marketing material with you to a local elementary, middle, or high school career day. Appleton Creative annually hosts youth groups and visits local community organizations in support of education. At a community event, give out promotional items with your corporate website hyperlink, Twitter or Facebook profile name, or other website address to new people. When they visit one of your online locations, you will have a chance to earn their business and grow your tribe!

Appleton Creative is happy to help apply our knowledge of traditional marketing to the broad appeal of meeting your new clients online. Through strategically placed photos and videos posted just about anywhere you visit on social media websites, you can inform web consumers about your company. Then they can click on your corporate website and read engaging content about how your company can meet their needs.

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