Utilizing PPC Advertising the Effective Way

Posted on: August 10th, 2009

If you want to launch a PPC advertising campaign through programs like Google AdWords, there are a couple of things you need to take note of while you’re in the process of developing your advertisements. Listed below are some tips to guide you in the development of your advertisements and in making sure that they will be effective in driving targeted traffic to your online business website.

1) Keep Your Ads Short

When it comes to PPC advertising, short and concise ads are often the most effective. Try to convey your message in the shortest manner possible. Apart from encouraging people to read through your ad copy, concise ads assure you that those who click on it really understand what you have to offer and are actually interested in learning more. Keep in mind that click rates are not the most important success measures in PPC advertising but conversion rates. By keeping your ads short and concise, you will be able to keep your expenditure low but your sales revenues high.

2) Utilize Your Keywords

It’s not enough to sponsor search results for your keywords. You also need to use those keywords in your PPC ad copy. Keep in mind that keywords appear in bold when they come up in search engine results pages. If your keywords appear in your PPC advertisement copy, you will not only attract targeted customers but also allow them to realize the relevance of your offerings to their searches.

3) Strike Your Consumer’s Emotion

Apart from demographics, you must know the psychographics of your target market. You need to know what their concerns are and what communication methods work best with them. By knowing that, you will be better able to compose compelling PPC advertisement copy that will somehow strike your target market’s emotion.

4) Make Your URL Visible

URLs are always published in PPC advertisements but there are ways to take advantage of it. Be creative and capitalize the first letter of every word in your URL. This will help readers easily understand it and recognize your offerings. For example, publishing “www.MakeMoreMoneyHere.com” rather than “www.makemoremoneyhere.com” would make your URL more readable and recognizable.

5) Encourage Action

With PPC advertisements, it helps a lot to tell readers exactly what to do even if the required action is obvious. By adding action statements readers are prompted to act on the emotion they got upon reading your ad copy. Simple statements like “click here” can do wonders in making your PPC advertisements more effective.

By using these time-tested tips when creating your ads, you can rest assured that your PPC advertisements are effective in generating targeted traffic and income for your online business.

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