UCF Community Relations

Posted on: October 11th, 2008

The University of Central Florida’s Town & Gown Council makes it their mission to continually seek ways to improve relations between the university and the community.  Their unique moniker refers to two groups:  Town (community members) and Gown (university members).  Their goal is to strengthen community relations between the two groups.  The organization’s goals for the future include increasing partnering with other UCF entities, continuing community-wide events, and increasing student involvement.

Appleton Creative supports the Town & Gown Council’s cause, and created a web portal for members of the Town & Gown council.  The portal allows Town & Gown members to stay up-to-date with events and communicate more efficiently within the organization. Appleton also created a reference manual to act as a user guide that includes information for Town & Gown members on where to find and how to use the Admin menu, home page with upcoming events, directory page with members’ information, and more.  The portal has proved effective, and makes it easier for Town & Gown members to pursue their goal of bettering community relations at the university. Diana LaRue, President of Appleton Creative, serves on the board as Community Co-Chair.


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