League of Women Voters

Posted on: June 11th, 2006

Born out of the 1920 suffrage movement that secured women’s right to vote, the League of Women Voters is now a non-partisan political organization that encourages all citizens to participate in government and strives to increase understanding of public policy issues.  The league does not support any particular political party, and goes through a painstaking process of researching and studying before adopting a position on national, state or local issues.  The Orange County chapter of LWV pursues the same mission and strives to improve general public involvement in government issues.

A new website was developed and donated by Appleton Creative to provide information about the league and present news.  The site makes it easy for users to navigate between current issues, discover upcoming events, and join the organization.  With the new site launched, The League of Women Voters hopes to inspire improved community involvement within Orange County.

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