6 April Fools’ Pranks Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

the best April Fools Day pranks for coworkers

Proceed with caution: April Fools’ is here. Be the reigning trickster of your office with these hilarious April Fool’s Day pranks for coworkers guaranteed to make you laugh; others, however, may not be so lucky.

1. Altr

altr prank

Difficulty: Easy
Result: Severe confusion
Bring a celebrity into the mix with this April Fools’ prank.  The chrome extension, Altr, replaces every image on any website with pictures of Nicholas Cage, John Cena, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other meme-able figures. Place your bets on who will notice the joke first.

2. Stuck in Time

computer desktop prank

Difficulty: Easy
Result: A sore clicker finger
Take a screenshot of your coworker’s desktop and make it the background image. Try not to laugh as your coworker furiously clicks away at their screen, not understanding why the buttons and shortcuts don’t work! Get the detailed instructions for Mac and PC.

3. Talk-to-Print

april fools day printer prank

Difficulty: Medium
Result: A frustrated, slightly hoarse coworker
With all the voice-activated technology on the market today, this prank isn’t farfetched. Create a talk-to-print guide for your office printer, including step-by-step instructions on which commands to use. Then sit back and watch your coworkers try to apply the new feature.

4. Tied Up

april fools day zip tie prank

Difficulty: Medium
Result: Mild frustration
Wait for everyone to take their lunch, then get to work. Grab a handful of zip ties and begin tying together the scissors, the stapler, the phone, the mouse, even the toilet paper. Bonus points if you have enough time to tie the chair to the desk.

5. Sticky Situation

april fools day post it note prank

Difficulty: Hard
Result: A waste of paper and a good laugh
We deem this one hard because it takes time and dedication. Your office has an abundant amount of sticky notes and it’s time to use them. Grab a stack, and maybe a coworker, and start redecorating. Sticky note every square inch of your boss’s office and get creative with it.

6. Switcheroo
april fools day coworker prank

Difficulty: Hard
Result: A groggy morning surprise
Do you share a desk clump? Target the coworker who hates mornings and methodically switch everything between your desks before they arrive. This includes pens, the mousepad, family pictures, and if you can, even the computer! See how long it takes for your coworker’s coffee to kick in and they finally realize something’s not right.

Whether you pick a few or attempt all six pranks, you’re sure to make this April Fools’ Day the most mischevious yet. Happy pranking!

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