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Child Burn Survivors' Artwork to be Hosted in Nonprofit Marketing Agency's Gallery
April 6, 2017

Children Burn Survivors Thrive Through Art with the Appleton Awareness Gallery

Our newest installment in the Appleton Awareness Gallery features artwork created by child burn survivors and their burn buddies during an art class hosted by Appleton Creative at Camp Tequesta in November 2016. Burn buddies are volunteers, including counselors, first responders and former burn victims, who partner with these children. To express their thoughts, feelings […]

orlando video marketing company
April 4, 2017

Which Medium is Better for Video Marketing ROI: TV or Online?

With the expansion of digital platforms, larger audiences are flocking to the internet for video content. Now more than ever, companies are struggling to decide where advertising dollars are best spent. Video marketing companies can help with execution and distribution of video campaigns, but you need to decide which platforms align with your company‚Äôs objectives. […]