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targeting generations of voters with political advertising
November 2, 2016

Do Donkeys and Elephants Belong at the Zoo? Advertising to Political Demographics

With the political season in full swing, there are plenty of political ads to be found in every medium, from TV and mobile to radio and print. With so many channel options to choose from, hiring a qualified advertising agency is important to gain the most reach for your business. Furthermore, generational groups vary on […]

what happened to vine
November 1, 2016

Vine: What Happened and Where Is It Now?

Twitter officially announced that it is shutting down Vine after three years of service. This app spurned a social media frenzy with creative and original six-second videos showcasing comedic, musical, serious and just plain weird posts from its members. Quite a few people rose to stardom through Vine. Affectionately named “Vine Stars,” people such as Lele […]